Thursday, May 1, 2014

San Simeon Creek

Drove up to San Luis Obispo to meet Juliet at 0830. Drove out to Morro Bay and up the coast, a very nice day, clear, 70s, no wind. I expected to see snakes on the road, but that has become a myth in recent years. Drove up San Simeon Creek Rd, with three stops along the way. There is water in nice woodland at about 2.2 mi. E of jct hwy 1 (and no fence), so we had a look there, nothing to be seen. Same story at the bridge at mile 3.0, and at the confluence with a southern tributary (upstream of S Fork proper) at mile 6.0. Reached the unfenced area W of the road at 6.5 mi. above hwy 1, coordinates 35.65058N, 121,04531W, 1270 feet elev., and walked down to the creek, which flows here on a low gradient in bouldery pools up to 15’ across and 2’ deep, with lots of cover underneath rounded rocks, Full canopy of oak and bay, but little undergrowth.

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